about hiking and camping

About Hiking and Camping

We love nature, and we love the great outdoors. I am sure you do the same. And, that’s the reason you are here. Camping and hiking brings out the natural instincts of a human being – who we really are. We are a part of Mother Nature. But, bit by bit we have distanced ourselves from our core. We have adopted modern lifestyles, which is significantly different from what our primitive ancestors were used to.

So, when you talk and think about camping and hiking, just ‘pause’ and become mindful for a moment. You will feel those ancient memories in our DNA will come alive. What you will experience will amaze you?

You will see a deep connection in your heart and mind, and how those simple words will instantly create. Trees, flowers, streams and rivers. Birds and other wild life. Yes, it is beautiful. Mother Nature is alive and humming with life.

Why do we experience a deep unknown connection?

Because that’s our true nature. We are a part of this abundance. And, no matter how modern we become. Or, how much we try to emulate the machines. We are still human. Not just that a “Beautiful Human Being”. I hope we become mindful of this and become more aware.

So, I feel that camping and hiking fulfills the basic human need to go back to Mother Nature and become one with her once again. How about you? Do you feel that way? I bet you do. Camping and Hiking can be fun. Along with having fun, we can also educate ourselves about Mother Nature and the abundance she has to offer us. Also, teach and promote the idea of preservation and respect to our future generation.

This is the whole purpose of setting up this website. To help beginners who love the great outdoors on how to camp and hike responsibly. We have been given this great gift. And, we have every right to enjoy it, at the same time make sure we take proper care and never harm our environment.

Happy Responsible Camping and Hiking!